Roster And Team Info


Boys  Number
Mason Ahrenstorff 1
Tate Groeneweg 4
Karter Evans 6
Domenic Jutting 7
Austin O’Reilly 12
Miles Wasson 14
Thomas Sether 30

Grade Goals

Our goals for this age group is to take everything they have learned over the years in our program and to apply everything. If our athletes have learned to how to accept failure, take responsibility, and they have found their passion in basketball, we believe that these same skills can be applied in their everyday lives. Our main goal at this age is to get our athletes in front of college coaches all around the country. It is time for our kids to see the results of their hard work.

Learning how to accept failure (3rd/4th grade): Our main goal with this age group is to expose our athletes to competition. We will NOT have the “everyone gets a trophy mentality”. Our kids will learn how to work hard, set goals, and learn to face diversity.

Learning how to take responsibility (5th/6th grade): Our main goal at this age group is to teach our kids to learn responsibility. We want our kids to start holding themselves accountable for their actions and to learn how to prepare themselves to be successful. Only they can do this for themselves.

Finding your passion (7th/8th grade): Our main goal at this age group is for athletes to find either passion for the game of basketball. Some may be starting to set high goals for themselves while others want a different path than playing basketball. This is the stage where kids learn to make their own choices as they get ready to head into high school. As a parent, it is important not to force sports or other activities on your child. Let them find their passion.

From a non-basketball perspective, our main goal is that our kids grow up to believe in themselves. We want them to chase all their dreams, knowing that failure is a part of the process. We want them to never blame another, but to take responsibility for themselves in all aspects of their life. Lastly, we want them to live their life doing something they can be passionate about.

9th-11th grades: All guidelines above apply.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain