Our online registration. All players are required to tryout – do not register unless name is listed on player rosters. No refunds will be given.

Competition Policy | Playing Time

Travel/Club basketball is a highly competitive athletic endeavor. We understand that it is not without cost. The amount of playing time is up to the individual head coaches.  As an organization, we feel, anyone who is good enough to make one of our teams is deserving of playing time in each and every contest as long as they have met practice requirements. However, you should not expect playing time to be evenly distributed, especially as the teams mature. Our expectation is the least skilled players on any team could play as little as 25% of the available minutes over the course of the season. If parents or players have an issue with this possibility, then Travel/Club basketball may not be for you.

Reminder to parents: There will be days your child will be frustrated, upset and even feel like quitting. It will be because they are put in situations where they are uncomfortable. Our athletes will be forced to confront their weaknesses. Eagles United believes these situations are necessary for the long-term success of your child on and off the court. We are committed to helping each child reach their full potential. For some, it means being the best player in the northwest region of Iowa, for others it means being the best player in the state or even the nation. We understand, for most, it means starting on their high school basketball team. As an organization we view these all as equal success because our goal is for all athletes to ultimately reach their full potential on the court as basketball players. There will be days your child loves us and days they hate us. The same goes for parents, there will be days you think we are the greatest organization and there will be days where you feel that we are not. What determines your success in this program will be the same as what determines your success in life.  Will you choose to hang on when others let go?

Athlete Expectations

Athletes must attend team related activities with full effort and proper sportsmanship.
Respectful behavior to athletes, coaches, officials, and parents.
The use of any form of alcohol, tobacco, or drug substances will not be tolerated.
Theft or vandalism of any form will not be tolerated.
Treat facility with proper care – do not leave garbage out during practices .
Foul language will not be tolerated.
Athletes must abide by all coaching decisions, including mid-season roster changes.
Believe in the program and have faith in the system.
Communicate with your coaches regarding any questions or concerns

Coaches Expectations

Supports athletes’ efforts toward success.
Support parents’ concerns regarding their child.
Find anyways to maximize each athletes full potential.
Believe in the program.
Communicate mid-season roster changes in a proper timely manner.

Parents Expectations

Do not coach from the stands.
Cheer and be supportive of players and their team.
Do not criticize other parents, coaches, players or referees.
If you do not have anything nice to say, keep your mouth closed on the sidelines.
Do not shout instructions at players. Let coaches handle that. It confuses the kids.
Communicate with Eagles United director in regards to travel or scheduling conflicts.
Fulfill to the financial requirements of the program.
Attend as many events as possible to show your supports to athletes and their teams.
Let your child communicate with coaches if they have any concerns (playing-time).
Let your daughter or son develop into their own person/athlete.