Roster And Team Info


Boys  Number
Aden Chaclan 0
Lucas Mueller 1
Blake Cameron 2
Kalen Heronimus 3
Max Garberding 5
Chase Gruhlke 6
Martin Maya 7
Lincoln Helmers 8
Caleb Kruger 10
Maddox Rahe 13
Henrik Gruys 18
Mason Meyer 20
Maddox Krull 22
Parker Mathistad 23
Mason Adams 24
Pablo Arellano 30
Jase Pruin 32
Hugh Pearson 34

Grade Goals

Learning how to accept failure: Our main goal with this age group is to expose our athletes to competition. We will NOT have the “everyone gets a trophy mentality”. Our kids will learn how to work hard, set goals, and learn to face diversity.
Lay ups: Athletes should jump off the left leg when shooting a right hand lay-up. They should shoot off their right leg when shooting a left hand lay-up.

Footwork: Learning triple threat positioning, pivoting on their left and right foot without traveling, jump stops, and to square to the basket as soon as they catch the ball in a triple threat position.

Shooting Form: Athletes will learn proper shooting form. (Stance, holding the ball, position of shooting hand, set point, upward force, releasing the ball, and follow through).

Ball handling: Athletes will learn proper dribbling mechanics for both right and left hands.

Athletic and movement skills: Athletes will learn how to run, jump and land, skip, stop, move laterally, squat, lunge and any other basic movements.

Passing: Athletes will learn the basic chest, bounce, and overhead passes.

Rebounding: Athletes will be introduced to rebounding. Athletes will work on the proper boxing out techniques.

Offense: We will teach our kids to “Read the Defense”. Our main goal at this age is to have athletes move & not stand still. Learn to pass the ball and play together with proper floor spacing. We will also stress ball reversals.

Basic cuts: Athletes will learn how to use basic cuts such as, back cut and V cuts.

Defense: Teach the basic stance, defensive slide, and basic off-ball principles. Our main goal at this age is to have athletes stop the ball; keep their body between the ball and basket. We will also learn proper help gaps.