4th Boys/Girls

Roster And Team Info


Boys School Number
Hudson Frankenstein Spencer 2
William Armstrong Storm Lake St. Mary’s 3
Dax Platt Spencer 8
Reid Wolf Okoboji 23
Kaden Becker Okoboji 30
Logan Muhlbauer Spencer 42

Grade Goals

Learning how to accept failure: Our main goal with this age group is to expose our athletes to competition. We will NOT have the “everyone gets a trophy mentality”. Our kids will learn how to work hard, set goals, and learn to face diversity.
Lay ups: Athletes should jump off the left leg when shooting a right hand lay-up. They should shoot off their right leg when shooting a left hand lay-up.

Footwork: Learning triple threat positioning, pivoting on their left and right foot without traveling, jump stops, and to square to the basket as soon as they catch the ball in a triple threat position.

Shooting Form: Athletes will learn proper shooting form. (Stance, holding the ball, position of shooting hand, set point, upward force, releasing the ball, and follow through).

Ball handling: Athletes will learn proper dribbling mechanics for both right and left hands.

Athletic and movement skills: Athletes will learn how to run, jump and land, skip, stop, move laterally, squat, lunge and any other basic movements.

Passing: Athletes will learn the basic chest, bounce, and overhead passes.

Rebounding: Athletes will be introduced to rebounding. Athletes will work on the proper boxing out techniques.

Offense: We will teach our kids to “Read the Defense”. Our main goal at this age is to have athletes move & not stand still. Learn to pass the ball and play together with proper floor spacing. We will also stress ball reversals.

Basic cuts: Athletes will learn how to use basic cuts such as, back cut and V cuts.

Defense: Teach the basic stance, defensive slide, and basic off-ball principles. Our main goal at this age is to have athletes stop the ball; keep their body between the ball and basket. We will also learn proper help gaps.