Roster And Team Info

Boys  School Number
Jay Williams Storm Lake 0
Colton Platt Spencer 1
Paul Maya Storm Lake 2
Tyler Cameron Storm Lake 3
Mason Helmers JCC 5
Alex Vogt HMS 6
Brody Anderson JCC 7
Tylon Phiakhamta Storm Lake 10
Chase Mathistad Storm Lake 11
Cruz Nitchals Okoboji 12
Barrett Brunk JCC 13
Jacob Kruger JCC 15
Bode Johnson Storm Lake 16
Henry Peterson Spirit Lake 20
Landon Muhlbauer Spencer 21
Eli Phillips Spirit Lake 24
Isaiah Sathe JCC 27
Brennen Beal Storm Lake 30
Liam Miller Okoboji 35
William Landgraf Storm Lake St Mary’s 52
Girls School Number
Lauren Koenig Spencer 0
Zadi Farmer JCC 1
Gwen Grimm Algona  2
Kylin Dodds Spirit Lake 10
Tegan Lange Spirit Lake 11
Rikiya Nielson Algona 12
Ava Wasson  Okoboji 14
Clara Petty Spirit Lake 22
Calista Frankenstein Spencer 23
Braelyn Thompson Okoboji 40

Grade Goals

Learning how to take responsibility: Our main goal at this age group is to teach our kids to learn responsibility. We want our kids to start holding themselves accountable for their actions and to learn how to prepare themselves to be successful. Only they can do this for themselves.
Lay ups: Athletes will learn the proper use of a jump-stop lay ups.

Footwork: Learning how and when to use jab steps and ball fakes (pass fakes and shot fakes).

Shooting Form: Athletes will be introduced to movement (shooting off the dribble and off the catch).

Ball handling: Athletes will be introduced to moves such as the inside-out dribble (fake crossover), hesitation move, and between-the-legs.

Athletic and movement skills: Athletes will learn how to foot plant correctly, change of direction on screens, and more advanced skill moments. Stretching will be a requirement.

Passing: Athletes will be introduced to baseball passing, one hand passing. Passing will now be done under pressure.

Rebounding: Athletes will be introduced to rebounding. Athletes will work on the proper boxing out techniques.

Offense: We will continue to embraces the “Read the Defense” mentality. Our main goal at this age is to teach basic 5 on 5 sets, athletes will now be held accountable “mentally”.

Cuts and screens: Athletes will be introduced to back screening and more cuts to get open. (curl cut, flare cut, back cut, L cut. Post players will be introduced to post flash concepts.

Defense: We will continue to work on defensive stance, defensive slides, and off ball principles. Athletes will be introduced to press defense concepts.